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Human civilization learned how to grow food some 12,000 years ago.


Since then we have progressed both in terms of yield per field and crop varieties. All due to factors like technical modernization, improved agricultural techniques and utilization of new methods of seed development, cultivation and crop management. But past the last few decades have led us to the dark sides of this development. This blind rush to ‘produce more’ have significantly damaged the sanctity of food that we eat to nourish billions of our body cells. The mindless usage of poisonous pesticides and genetically modified (GMO) seeds along with equally harmf ul fertilizers have resulted adversely into serious health issues like heart diseases, hyper tension, obesity, cancer, infertility and many more. While this modern farming techniques give higher crop on one hand, the nutrition value it carries have gone down drastically.

But we can stop this. Now.

By taking a safe u-turn to the natural way of producing our food.

Prakrushi is a conscious effort to put soul into our seeds and soil. Grown with love, our organic products are the result of meticulous study of traditional methods of healthy farming and combining it with modern agriculture methods that is free of all the harmful elements. Using latest inforrnation technology and crop cultivation know-how, we have been producing healthy crops that is rich with nutrients, vitamins and of course incredible taste.

Initiated by a mindful group of agripreneurs who believe in sustainable development and passionately pursue the prac­ tice of the ancient Indian tradition of ·             (the world is one family) to bring happy and healthy change into the lives of our consumers. Our certified organic products range include Grains, Pulses, Dry fruits, A2 Cir Cow Ghee, Honey, and spices. Our humble mission is to connect every health-conscious citizen of the Earth with the high caliber organic food products that carries goodness of nature.

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