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Prakrishi- Chili Powder


  • Contains capsaicin which fights inflammation and pain
  • Promotes digestive health and weight management
  • Vitamin C helps immune system, healing injuries and infections
  • Contains Vitamin A which is good for healthy eyes
  • Full iron helping with increased haemoglobin and blood flow leading to improved cognitive functioning
  • Good potassium to sodium ratio maintains blood pressure


Prakrishi Organic Red Chilli Powder which is also known as organic Mirchi powder has no harmful chemical and pesticides. It is vegan and also made with traditional hand pounding method. It is certified by Indian organic and USDA Standards.

Red Chilli Powder is a spice that is used widely across Asia. It is the powder that makes Indian food hot and spicy. Red Chillies are grown, picked and sun-dried before being hand pounded into a fine powder. Apart from adding to the taste of the dishes, it has some other benefits too. However, to make the food spicy and hot, a generous amount of Red Chilli powder may be added.

Prakrishi Organic offers a wide range of indian spices and masala that are organically grown and manufactured using quality-oriented processes. The red chillies are grown with care without harmful pesticides and chemicals. The fresh red chillies are hand-plucked, sun-dried and hand pounded. There are no extra additives or colours added to the Red Chilli powder.

Prakrishi Organic products are approved and certified as per the standards laid down by the National  Programme for Organic Production (NPOP).

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Shipment Details

1Kg item will be shipped to your Home
25 Kg items must be collected from the nearest VRL Transport Hub

Shelf Life

3 months if preserved in a air tight container without contact to moisture or wet objects.


No preserver added

Other Information

Manufactured & Marketed by Prakrishi Organics under the brand name of "Prakrishi ".

Best before 12 Months


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