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Prakrishi- Premium Bhimseni Camphor | Kapur | Kapoor


Camphor is considered to be one of the most essential must have’s in every home. It is an ingredient that is also used for various medical purposes as well. It is anti-bacterial in nature. Apart from having some amazing uses, it is widely used to bring positivity in and around the house. Also widely used to purify the air, eliminate negativity.


  • Bhimseni camphor is used in ayurvedic medicine since ancient time. It is also called as Borneo or Barus camphor.
  • Camphor is burnt to perform Aarti (circular movement or display of the lamp in reverence before the deity or the idol) before the deity.
  • Reduces Stress, Mouth Freshener, Skin care, Boosts immunity, prevents hair loss, Aromic scent. All natural. Contains no Chemicals or preservatives. Repels ants, insects, cockroaches, bed bugs.
  • Use it with coconut oil/rose water for beauty, skin care, pain reliever, disinfectant balm. Making a green camphor powder paste with water and applying it works wonders for face / skin and hair.
  • WHY PRAY WITH CAMPHOR:As per our holy scriptures, pure camphor symbolises union with god as it burns completely, leaving behind no trace. Pure Camphor aarti dispels negativity, keeps one healthy and attracts prosperity

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