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Prakrishi- Palm Candy


  • Less glucose and lower glycaemic index help with blood sugar level maintenance
  • Good source of Vit B1,B2,B3,B6 and B12
  • Rich in Iron helps with anaemia
  • High in Calcium which helps with bone density good for kids
  • Helps with menstrual cycles
  • Full of antioxidant helps with muscle repair and maintenance
  • Helps with burning micturition when taken with milk


  •  Palm candy is produced from the sweet ‘Neera’ from Palmyra trees. Palm candy is nutrient rich, low glycemic crystalline sweetener and it’s completely natural as it involves minimum processing and no chemicals are used.
  • Palm candy with water quenches thirst. Palm candy with milk relieves urinary trouble, urinary tract infection and heat. Palm candy in warm milk with pepper and turmeric powder acts as a goody remedy for sore throat and ear pain. It’s a good natural substitute for sugar.
  • At Prakrishi Organics all our products are organic, and lab tested for no harmful chemicals, heavy metals, or pesticides. Check out our range of products including groceries, vegetables, spices, cereals, grains, well-being products, dry fruits and much more.

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450g, 900g


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