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Prkrishi- Makhana


  • Light, crunchy and healthy for perfect snack
  • Low in cholesterol, sodium and saturated fat helps with heart disease and blood pressure
  • Good for diabetics due to low glycaemic index
  • Kaempferol helps prevent inflammation and age-related degeneration


  • Makhana are also known as lotus seeds or fox nuts, it’s part of a beautiful lotus flower and has a lot to offer. Makhana harvest is a laborious method and requires special skills as it involves diving deep into the ponds to get the seeds done by the mallaha community in Bihar.
  • These seeds are often used in quite a few indian sweets and savouries like kheer, raita or makhana curry or also as a snack. They are low in cholesterol, sodium and saturated fats and are good for the heart. they are a good source of other minerals and protein which makes it perfect healthy ingredient or even a snack.
  • At Prakrishi Organics all our products are organic, and lab tested for no harmful chemicals, heavy metals, or pesticides. Check out our range.

Additional information



Shelf Life

3 months if preserved in a air tight container without contact to moisture or wet bojects


No preservatives added

Other Information

Manufactured & Marketed by Prakrishi Organics under the brand name of “Prakrishi “.

Best before 12 Months


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