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Prakrishi Immunity Boosting 7 in 1 Healthy Seeds & Nut Mix


  • This is our take on traditional trail mix for THE ROAD. We don’t call it trail mix because it is recommended not just when you are on the road but also at home, watching TV or working from home or out and about.
  • We have added the best quality seeds, nuts and combined them with exotic dry fruits out there to offer a perfect modern feel good snack. It’s the best form of nutrient rich snack that actually tastes good and everyone from your family would love to share.
  • It contains essential minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium to give instant energy as well as help the body to keep the wear and tear of daily activities at bay. These important minerals also help in maintaining blood glucose and pressure levels under control.
  • Contains one of the richest forms of antioxidants helping in improving immunity, fighting off free radicals and reduce infalmmation. Also important are plant based fatty acids to improve cardiovascular health and brain functions.
  • Rich source of plant based protein containing a full profile of amino acids for well maintained muscles, joints and bones.


We know sometimes it’s hard to make decisions when there are too many options, for that reason we offer only the best mix of seeds and nuts that gives ALL ROUND BENEFITS.Our seeds and nuts mix offers a range of health benefits that includes IMMUNITY, HEART and CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH, normal functioning of MUSCLES and BONES as well as well maintained GUTS and super cognitive BRAIN – yes ALL in ONE. Our 7 in 1 Seed and nuts mix offers the best combination of plant based antioxidants that not only helps in fighting chronic disease but also strengthens the first line of defence to wade off infections and inflammation. It contains most important plant based vitamin E and Omega fats that not only improves cardiovascular health by improving blood flow and maintaining good heart rhythm but also empowers the brain to improve its cognitive abilities thus helping in with anxiety and other mental disorders. One of the richest forms of dietary fibre which is prebiotic food for friendly bacterias in our gut but also it adds volume and thus improves passage of motions. Contains best quality plant based full protein profile (24g per 100gm) means full amino acid profile in one serving for healthy musculoskeletal structure. Simply add to smoothies, yogurts, salads or oats and enjoy the full benefits of this superfood OR mix in with cookie batter, granola bars or your favourite halwa /sweet recipes and bake guilt free for healthiest snacks.

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250g, 500g, 750g


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